This article applies to AE-32 Audio Engine and JetStream Plus.

This article applies to vMix + and vScreen

This article applies to Artisan and Helix Television consoles.

Consoles such as Pilot, ROC, Mosaic, and Helix Radio use our radio firmware. See the article about Radio consoles for those. Also, if you have a JetStream Mini, you are also using the radio firmware.

When designing custom vMix+ and vScreen designs, you need to know the addresses of the meters to display them.

Don't forget to check the box to set the meter for Input or Output.

Input Meters

DSP Device Name
DSP Device Address (hex)
Fader Inputs (1-38)*
Device 0b-30*

AE-32 television systems have 32 faders, using devices 0b-2A. JetStream Plus television systems have 38 faders and go up to device 30.

Output Meters

DSP Device Name
DSP Device Address (hex)
Stereo Master 1 Out
Device 04
5.1 Master 1 Out
Device 50
Stereo Master 2 Out
Device 05
Sub 1 Stereo Out
Device 35
Sub 2 Stereo Out
Device 36
Sub 3 Stereo Out
Device 37
Sub 4 Stereo Out
Device 38
Sub 5 Stereo Out*
Device 39*
Sub 6 Stereo Out*
Device 3A*
Sub 7 Stereo Out*
Device 3B*
Sub 8 Stereo Out*
Device 3C*
Aux 1 Stereo Out
Device 3D
Aux 2 Stereo Out
Device 3E
Aux 3 Stereo Out
Device 3F
Aux 4 Stereo Out
Device 40
Switched Meter**
Device 49**

*AE-32 Audio Engine Only

**Artisan Console Only

Additional device/bus information is contained in the attached spreadsheet