Download AE-32 Audio Engine Hardware Manual

Version 3.6 is the current software release. All Audio Engines using a DSP table of Standard 30 and above should use version 3.6. (Version 3 engines were sold roughly from 2001 through 2016. Older engines are most likely Version 2; do not use version 3 software on a version 2 engine or vice versa.) If you’re not sure what version you have, contact the factory.

Contact the factory for a password to download the software.

AE Config 3.6 Software | Manual

Command Builder 3.6 Software | Manual

Supervisor 3.6 Software | Manual

Note: If you use television automation from Sony or Ross Video, contact the Logitek factory (USA) for a special version of Supervisor.

The following Virtual Clients are explained in the vTools Manual, which is located here..

vButton 3.6 Software

vChange 3.6 Software

vDelay 3.6 Software

vManager 3.6 Software

vMix 3.6 Software (requires additional license)

vMix+ Designer Software (requires additional license)

vMix+ Software (requires additional license)

vRoute 3.6 Software

vSnapshot 3.6 Software

vTranslator 3.6 Software

Version 2 (1998 - 2001)

Version 2 AE-32 Audio Engine (late 1990’s – 2001)

Version 2 AE-32 Audio Engine Hardware Manual

AE Config for version 2.x Software | Manual