Note that our meter manuals are the same regardless of the case they were mounted in. A desktop meter operates the same as a rackmount one. A Surround Sound version of the Ultra-VU and Super-VU has the same manual as the stereo models.

2-VUB and 4-VUB Mechanical Meters

Bright-VU Meters

Super-VU Meters

Tru-VU Meters

Ultra-VU Meters

Ultra-VU (Special NBC 896/996 version)

VU-Tracks Meter

MON-10 Switcher

PRE-10 Switcher

Our meter and switcher lines have been discontinued. Some parts used on these products are no longer available. If you need repair, open a ticket and we'll let you know if we have the parts you need. Please let us know your serial number when you open the ticket; that will help us determine the age of the product.